Field Strength Meters and Sensors

The magnetic field strength is measured by Hall Sensors. On this page we introduce our product line - from the meter to the Hall sensor IC.

We will be pleased to assist you in choosing the right instrument for your needs.


The FH-series offers compact gaussmeters from simple, battery-operated hand-held devices to versatile laboratory measuring instruments.

The Gaussmeters read the field strength in Tesla, Gauss or Ampere per Meter. Included in the price of the gaussmeter is one standard Hall probe. 

USB Hall Probes

The USB Hall probe is the latest development in the field of measuring technique. It can be simply connected to a PC and is operated with a user-friendly software.

The ideal tool for a development engineer!

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USB Teslameter V1.2

Hall Sensors / Generators

Are you looking for Hall generators for your own measuring set-up?

We offer a wide range of Hall generators of different types. From the simple, non-calibrated chip to the calibrated chip with individual measuring curve.

Please contact us for more information.

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USB Hall probes


FH 52

FH 54

FH 55

Hall probes FH 54/FH 55

Hall probes for older gauss-

meters on request



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