Measuring Technology

Welcome to MPS measuring technique. Here you will find equipment to determine the magnetic characteristics of hard and soft magnetic materials and different instruments to measure magnetic quantities.  We will be pleased to give you personal assistance.

Click on the link of the product group or select a product for direct download of the data sheet.

Hard Magnetic Materials

Permagraph C-300

Permagraph L

Soft Magnetic Materials

Remagraph C-500/530

Remacomp C-100/200/1200


Remagraph-Remacomp C-710

Permagraph-Remagraph C-750


Magnet Field Scanner




FH 52

FH 54

FH 55

Hall-probes for FH 54 and FH 55

Hall probes for older gaussmeters on request 

Gaussmeter Software

Software FH 52


PDF-Data sheet

Software USB Teslameter V1.2

Hall Sensors/Generators

PDF-Data sheet

Reference Magnets

VM 4, VM 6


NFH 63,4

Stray Field Compensated Coils MSK

Moment Etalons

ME 7 / ME 8

Reference Samples for Permagraph, Remagraph and Remacomp

can be found in the data sheets of our Hysteresisgraphs.

Pole Testers

PDF-Data sheet

Sensor Foil

PDF-Data sheet

Shielding Chambers

PDF-Data sheet

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